The Impossible Tour
Concert halls are shut down, and the music industry is in tatters.

How can a band possibly go on tour?

This is the Impossible Tour.
No route, no promise of a gig, and no idea what will happen tomorrow.​​​​​​​

It began in August 2020, and it's hard to say when it's gonna end.

We are all the guinea-pigs of our own futures.

Read on to find out more...


Part One: UK

Deal, Hastings, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Stourport, Shrewsbury, Liverpool, Northwich, Nottingham, Cambridge, London!

In August 2020 the band and crew set out towards the south coast of England. At that time they had no idea how far they'd end up going.

Traveling from town to town it proved tough to find venues to play at, with indoor gigs few and far between.
Instead they took to organising their own outdoor, socially-distanced concerts, free to the public. 
The response was extraordinary. 

Highlights included concerts on Hastings seafront, at the Welsh Parliament, and at Nottingham University 
where they caught the attention of the BBC; playing a concert to the only UK students allowed back to study at that time.

The end of the first tour was marked by a special rooftop concert at The Teahouse Theatre, in Vauxhall,London.
 Part Two: Europe​​​​​​​
In October 2020, the band and crew hit the road again. This time bound for Europe.

Winter setting in, the playing conditions were getting worse and the coats more outrageous.

On the streets of Germany the music soared, and the welcome was unrivalled. However, the gang encountered more and more
problems as they faced tighter restrictions. They soon found themselves with nowhere to go to charge the leisure batteries they
 used to power their equipment,and to make matters worse, their gear van broke down.

A stroke of luck led them to find refuge at an old mill in the German forests. It was there at Brandengrabenmuhle where the
 band had their greatest opportunity to perform to date. In the open air one Saturday night the fires were lit across the mill,
 and a feast arranged. People that had seen the band play on the streets in their hometowns travelled from far and wide to
 attend this special event. The raucous sounds of The Gulls

After leaving the mill, the band went from one unexpected concert to another, playing at The Poppodium Volt in Sittard,
 Holland. This was one of the few concerts given permission to go ahead by the Dutch authorities, and the entire show was

It was going to be hard to top those concerts given the circumstances, and the band turned their attention towards how they
 could record some material before the year was out. Will called on Tony Geering, an old friend of his, who was living in
 a half-derelict French chateau... which sounded interesting. 

Of course, the tour got extended by another 6 weeks.

In which time, Will Fairhead and The Gulls recorded their debut album, to be released in 2021.

Find out more about the album here

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