The Impossible Tour
From mid-August we hit the road for a month. We didn't have tour dates, we didn't have a route, and the world is f***ing crazy right now... what could go wrong?

Turns out that the road was kinder to us than you might think...

Deal, Hastings, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Stourport, Shrewsbury, Liverpool, Northwich, Nottingham, Cambridge, London.
Thank you to everybody we met, and for all the support we received out on the road.

The Impossible Tour: Part 1 was a success. How did we do it? It was a journey with highs and lows, and in the future there will be a documentary telling the whole story.
First though we plan to set out again on the second leg of this Impossible Tour. It will begin in the next few weeks, so stay posted for more info!

Call us the guinea pigs of our own future. Maybe we’re crazy... what other choice do we have? Follow our journey on social media, as well as Vlogs over on our Youtube.  We want you to share the adventure with us and, as ever, your support is vital to a band like ours.

And also, please feel free to get in touch with us here or via our social media. Maybe you have some secrets of the road you wish to share...
Wishing everyone good health, good dreams, and a splash of inspiration,

Will & The Gulls
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